Aluminium Valley Guttering

Aluminium Valley Gutters are normally fitted between two roof pitches but can also be manufactured as a gutter liner. Our metal valley gutters will be manufactured to suit each project as we can produce an infinite amount of valley gutter sizes specifically to your individual project requirements. Special Profile Valley Gutters can be fabricated or pressed.

Valley Gutter Design

Having the correct valley gutter flow capacity is more critical than with an eaves gutter so calculating the flow rates accurately is essential. These flow rates can be calculated by our designers so please contact our technical department if you need assistance. An additional freeboard (of up to 75mm) over the maximum water level is recommended to allow for splashing and waves.

Consideration needs to be taken when deciding on the gutter gauge and support to whether the valley gutter is going to take foot traffic. It is good practice to have some gutter overflows as the consequences of overflow or leakage are serious, so their correct design and installation is very important.

If valley gutters are part of the roof, they may also need to be insulated to comply with thermal requirements with respect to excess heat loss, thermal bridging and the risk of condensation.

Gutter Brackets and Fixing

These aluminium valley gutters normally sit in or on support brackets, carcassing or a gutter board and should be fixed to these. Valley gutter brackets can be manufactured to suit.


We produce a comprehensive range of fittings to complement the valley gutter system. These include stop ends, overflow stop ends, gutter overflows, running outlets, back outlets, side outlets, chute outlets, sleeve outlets, sump outlets, gutter angles, non-standard and irregular angles, raked angles, and apex angles.

Other special items can be designed and manufactured to your specification, please ask.

Radius Gutters or Curved Guttering

If your project requires a more complex curved, radius or radii valley gutter, to either a true or facetted curve, we can manufacture this for you, normally in 1m lengths.

Coatings and Finishes

Our Aluminium Valley Gutters are normally mill finish aluminium but are available polyester powder coated in an array of RAL Colours, BS Colours, Heritage Textured Finish, Metallic, Anodised Coating, and Special Colours and Finishes.


Our aluminium valley guttering system is low maintenance, lightweight and easily installed. Our aluminium gutters provide a sustainable rainwater system as 90% of the aluminium we use is recycled.

All our valley gutters have external or internal welded spigots / butt straps for ease of installation.

We have a range of Hopper Heads and Rainwater Downpipes available to complement our Valley Gutters.

Please Note: Due to our ongoing product development policy, we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.