Aluminium Arrowhead Fascia Plank Systems

Aluminium fascia interlocking cassette planking panels have secret fixed planks that can be run vertically or horizontally. Produced in either standard or bespoke sizes they give a super aesthetic appearance to the eaves and roof line of a building.

Arrowhead aluminium fascias have so many uses including being used as a fascia cover; to clad existing fascia boards, verge, gable and bargeboard; or flashing, trim or cladding to the roof eaves. They can be used with an external or concealed gutter or just as a fascia cladding panel.

Fascia Profiles

Aluminium arrowhead fascia cladding panels are highly adaptable and in either standard or project specific specifications we can manufacture virtually any profiles, shapes and sizes.


Aluminium arrowhead fascia plank fittings can be manufactured as standard and non-standard angles, stop ends, raking angles, apex angles, stepped angles, doglegs, and junctions to bargeboards and verges.

Radius or Curved

If the project requires a curved aluminium arrowhead fascia plank, radius fascia panel or radii fascia planking, to either a true or facetted curve, our segmented, facetted or tapered aluminium fascia planks are a great solution where horizontal, vertical, and most complex curves are achievable.

Gutters, Aluminium Eaves and Coping

Aluminium arrowhead fascia planks integrate perfectly with Guttercrest's guttering, rainwater downpipes and our range of aluminium eaves products, coping and cappings.

Optional Extras

Venting can be incorporated in to the aluminium fascia panels.

V-Ribbing to arrowhead planks gives a true plank effect like timber tongue and groove planking or weatherboard cladding. It also strengthens the aluminium arrowhead fascia panels.

Special fabrications and architectural detailing.

Carcassing, Support Brackets and Framing System

Aluminium arrowhead fascias can be fixed to many types of background, varying from timber carcassing to metal aluminium or galvanized steel carcassing and sub-framing. The correct carcassing design will shorten the installation time.

Bespoke, purpose-made brackets can be designed and manufactured to support the fascia plank system along with any integrated soffits and gutters.

Coatings and Finishes

Our aluminium arrowhead fascia plank system is available Polyester Powder Coated in an array of RAL colours, BS colours, Heritage textured finish, metallic and anodised coating.

We can also source special colours and finishes to match your project requirements or we can supply our aluminium gutters in the standard mill finish.

Please Note: Due to our ongoing product development policy, we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

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Due to Everchanging Aluminium Costs, no prices are stated on this product - Please 'Send us your estimate' for a Quotation.


Sizes stated below are the Max Girth of the Fascia. All have Standard Thickness of 2mm.

5 Standard Profiles Available (A-E)

300mm - Product Code: AFA1

300mm - Product Code: AFB1

375mm - Product Code: AFC1

375mm - Product Code: AFD1

375mm - Product Code: AFE1

375mm - Product Code: AFF1

400mm - Product Code: AFA2

400mm - Product Code: AFB2

500mm - Product Code: AFA3

500mm - Product Code: AFB3

625mm - Product Code: AFA4

625mm - Product Code: AFB4