Raked Box Gutters

Our Aluminium Raked Box Gutters have a sloping face to the front of the gutter, giving a striking impression to the eaves of the building. All standard sizes are made to BS 9101:2017.

guttercrest raked box gutter sytem profile aluminium


    Profile Sizes

    Our standard aluminium raked box gutters come in two standard lengths of 3m and 1.5m / 5’ and eight different profile widths:

    • 100 x 75mm / 4″x3″
    • 100 x 100mm / 4″x4″
    • 125 x 100mm / 5″x4″
    • 150 x 100mm / 6″x4″
    • 150 x 150mm / 6″x6″
    • 200 x 150mm / 8″x6″
    • 200 x 200mm / 8″x8″
    • 300 x 200mm / 12″x8″

    As a guttering manufacturer we can produce an infinite amount of raked gutter sizes to suit your individual project requirements.

    We can also produce special profile raked gutters, either fabricated or pressed – for more details please ask.