Arrowhead Fascia Cladding Panels

Aluminium fascia interlocking cassette planking panels have secret fixed planks that can be run vertically or horizontally. Produced in either standard or bespoke sizes they give a super aesthetic appearance to the eaves and roof line of a building.

Arrowhead aluminium fascias have so many uses including being used as a fascia cover; to clad existing fascia boards, verge, gable and bargeboard; or flashing, trim or cladding to the roof eaves. They can be used with an external or concealed gutter or just as a fascia cladding panel.



    Aluminium arrowhead fascia cladding panels are highly adaptable and in either standard or project specific specifications we can manufacture virtually any profiles, shapes and sizes. Some of our standard sizes are below:

    Maximum girth: 300mm, 415mm, 500mm, 625mm

    Fascia length: 500mm, 600mm, 750mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 3000mm