Residential Fascias

Fascias are an important aesthetic aspect of a building’s design. Our aluminium fascias are available in a range of shapes and sizes, all manufactured on site in Oswestry, Shropshire in marine grade aluminium to ensure its high quality.

The lightweight and maintenance-free nature of aluminium makes it an ideal material to use for fascias in all kinds of building projects.

The aluminium fascia eaves detail are generally unique and therefore we recommend you get in touch with us at the design and specification stage of the fascia system, to ensure they integrate with other building components and trades to give the desired aesthetic appearance. Integration and compatibility of Guttercrest aluminium fascias with the soffits, aluminium rainwater goods, coping, cappings and other aluminium eaves products is assured.

There are lots of different aluminium fascia profiles in images across our website, but please appreciate that the bespoke nature of the roof edge and therefore eaves fascia soffits for each property, means every fascia is individually designed.