Box Gutters

Our Aluminium Box Gutters, also known as a Square Gutter or Rectangular Gutter, are pressed aluminium gutters that are suited to both modern and traditional projects including those where a high capacity gutter is required. They are made to BS9101:2017.

guttercrest box gutter sizes small aluminium


    Wide range of gutter sizes available

    Our standard aluminium box gutters come in two different standard lengths of 3m (10 ft) and 1.5m (5ft) and eight different profile widths. Our small box gutter profile widths are:

    • 100 x 75mm / 4″x3″
    • 100 x 100mm / 4″x4″
    • 125 x 100mm / 5″x4″
    • 150 x 100mm / 6″x4″

    We can manufacture an infinite amount of alternative box gutter sizes to suit individual project requirements.

    For more detailed information please view the specification sheet (PDF) for our aluminium box gutter system.