Moulded Ogee Guttering (Large)

The design of our Aluminium Moulded Ogee Gutters, also known as No. 46 or Type 46, is inspired by 19th Century cast iron gutters and these gutters are suitable for use on both period and contemporary properties. Made to BS 9101:2017, they offer the traditional look of cast iron gutters while providing all the benefits of aluminium guttering including being lightweight, environmentally friendly, and easy to install and maintain.

guttercrest moulded ogee gutter system type 46 large sizes aluminium


    Profile Sizes

    Our large moulded ogee gutters are available in three standard lengths of 3m, 1.8m / 6’ and 1.5m / 5′, and three standard profile widths:

    • 175 x 125mm / 7″x5″
    • 200 x 150mm / 8″x6″
    • 300 x 200 / 12″x8″

    We can manufacture almost any size large moulded ogee gutter.