Aluminium Façade Panels

High quality aluminium and aluminium composite material for architectural cladding, rainscreen and facade systems.

Visually one of the most important parts of the building, your choice of façade can have a striking impact. Guttercrest aluminium facades – also known as rainscreen or cladding panels – are the obvious choice on a wide range of projects, including public buildings like hospitals, schools and universities.

Produced in our own UK factory, aluminium facade panels are purpose made for architectural fabrication and can be used to control heat, sun or ventilation and provide excellent protection for the building’s façade. Our rainscreen cladding gives architects and specifiers a world of possibilities – from colour and texture through to using unique imagery and logos through perforation. We can supply any size, curve or shape to produce a completely unique building façade.

Benefits of a Façade System

  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Customisable with finish and colour

Coatings and Finishes

Our aluminium façade system is available polyester powder coated in a wide selection of RAL and BS colours, Heritage textured finish, metallic and anodised coating. We can also source special colours to match branding and finishes to match your project requirements.

Simple and cost effective, our façades are designed to last with minimal maintenance.

Picture Perforated Panels

Thanks to investment in state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to produce high quality perforated aluminium panels for facades. We can cater for a huge variety of punching designs including straight-forward patterns to bespoke imagery and logos to adorn a building’s façade.

Completely unique, picture perforation allows you to create a customised perforation pattern of a picture or logo which can be applied to buildings for a striking architectural feature.


Easy-to-fit, our aluminium façade cladding panels have a variety of fixing options available, including secret fix for a flawless finish. Aluminium interlocking panels are cost effective with low installation costs.


If protecting the environment is a top priority, rest assured that Guttercrest use only responsibly sourced aluminium of which over 90% is from recycled sources. 100% of our aluminium facades are recyclable.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your next project requiring aluminium façades.

Aluminium capping provides an aesthetically pleasing and economic finish to a parapet wall or boundary wall. Aluminium wall cappings are made specifically for each project to individual specifications, sizes and profiles. Guttercrest pressed metal cappings can be fabricated for ramped, stepped and serpentine parapet walls. Unlike stone wall cappings aluminium cappings are lightweight, versatile, adaptable and very quick to install while offering long term weatherproof parapet wall protection. Matching pier caps or column capping are also available.

The capping is fixed directly to a suitable background with no brackets.

Our standard cappings have a flat level top but are also available with weather struck or dual pitched top. We can incorporate a Bullnose, Ogee, I-beam or any other profile into the aluminium wall capping’s front face. For any specially fabricated aluminium architectural capping please contact our technical team on 01691 663300.

We manufacture aluminium wall capping fittings including angles, stop ends, T-junctions, raking angles, apex angles, upstand stop ends, stepped junctions between capping sizes – we offer a complete aluminium capping system.

We specialise in curved capping. If your project requires curved, radius or radii cappings, either true curve or facetted capping, give us a call. Horizontal, vertical, and most complex curves are achievable.

Aluminium capping systems are available polyester powder coated in a range of RAL and BS colours, heritage textured finish, metallic, and anodised coating. We can source special colours and finishes to match your project requirements or we can supply your cappings in the standard mill finish.

  • Low maintenance – lightweight – very adaptable – easy to install
  • Speedy capping installation
  • Can be utilised as part lightening protection
  • Aluminium: a sustainable capping system 100% recyclable
  • Can be complemented by our aluminium fascia and soffit, gutters and downpipes, rainwater products

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Please Note: Due to our ongoing product development policy, we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.