aluminium sustainability

Reducing the environmental impact of construction is the challenge of our generation.

The finest materials and products that offer inbuilt sustainability and endorse the ‘fabric first’ philosophy will therefore be the key.

Guttercrest play an important role in reducing the carbon foot print of building projects. Our aluminium gutters and rainwater downpipe systems, aluminium parapet wall copings and aluminium fascia soffit claddings have a long life expectancy in excess of 60 years. This greatly enhances the whole of life embodied energy figure relative to materials with shorter life spans.

Guttercrest products offer architects, designers and construction companies the responsible eco-conscious solution they have been looking for to meet the demands of legislators and consumers.

We responsibly resource our aluminium, and now over 90 percent of the aluminium we use is recycled.

Aluminium is the most abundant metal in nature.

Aluminium is the responsible eco-conscious choice.